Ivy Tech Community College Of Indiana

Stealthwatch's user interface makes it easy to investigate problems on the network


Stealthwatch has helped improve the following:

  • Network baselining
  • Network segmentation
  • Real-time threat detection
  • Forensic investigations
  • Network troubleshooting

Use Case

Stealthwatch has helped with:

  • Insider threats
  • Network performance
  • Network segmentation

Is able to secure the following with Stealthwatch:

  • The data center
  • Areas of my network I could not see previously


Reduced their network and security troubleshooting time by hours.

Stealthwatch System has helped their organization achieve the following:

  • Greater network visibility
  • Heightened threat intelligence
  • Increased application awareness

Found the following Stealthwatch capabilities to be the most beneficial:

  • Context awareness (user, application, device data)
  • Flow stitching and deduplication
  • Detection of lateral movement (East-West Traffic)

Compared to other security vendors, Lancope is:

  • Effective at detecting attacks
  • Innovative
  • Easy to use

Stealthwatch enables the company to:

  • Better manage security with limited staff/resources
  • Speed up incident response
  • Reduce enterprise risk
  • Foster cross-team collaboration within the IT department

Stealthwatch has given us insight into areas of our network that we previously did not have. It enables us to identify trouble spots earlier and respond in a timely manner. Prior to having Stealthwatch, identification of problems and forensic analysis took much more time to accomplish.

Ron Creviston, Senior IT Architect