The University of Chicago

The University of Chicago realized the following benefits from their engagement with Stealthwatch: faster threat detection, secure more of their network (devices, remote locations, etc.), detect different types of potential threats on their network, and integrate Stealthwatch with other security tools.


The University of Chicago has improved in the following areas as a result of working with the Customer Success team for Cisco Stealthwatch:

  • Network baselining
  • Incident response
  • Overall security posture
  • Network troubleshooting


By engaging with the Customer Success team, the University of Chicago achieved the following results with Stealthwatch:

  • Improve security efficacy
  • Faster time to value
  • Time to value in less than 30 days

Rates Stealthwatch Customer Success team to be better than competitors in the following areas:

  • Concerned about the client's success
  • Effortless to work with
  • Cost effective

Rates Stealthwatch Customer Success team as much better than other security vendors.

Rates their likelihood for re-engaging with the Stealthwatch Customer Success team in the following areas:

  • Learning & Development/Training: very likely
  • Support: extremely likely

Uses Stealthwatch to enable the following:

  • Detect threats faster
  • Secure more areas of the network
  • Illuminate blind spots in the network
  • Reduce mean time to dwell for threats on the network
  • Accelerate incident response
  • Improve forensic investigations
  • Use the network as a sensor
  • Use the network as an enforcer

Rates their experience with Stealthwatch's proposed benefits to be as follows:

  • Simple, easy to use: very strongly agree
  • Open, easy to integrate: agree
  • Automated, reduces manual work: very strongly agree
  • Effective, enhances security: very strongly agree
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Stealthwatch has delivered a strong benefit to our organization, providing a fast return on investment.

Jason Edelstein, Engineer